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The Good Fight, part 3 - The Butterfly Effect

by Dr. Alex Himaya on Oct 2, 2017 11:27:25 AM

This week we kept rolling through the book of 2 Timothy and found out about the Butterfly Effect. You know, I really love the story of the butterfly. Deep within their DNA is the possibility of change. They start out as an ugly caterpillar, but over time they change into an amazing insect with wings and an incredible purpose – to fly around and spread pollen. They go from eating machines to pollenating machines.


That process of metamorphosis is a picture of salvation. It’s what happens within us when we turn to Jesus and give him our whole lives. And it plays out all over the church in incredible ways.


We have hundreds and hundreds of volunteers at theChurch.at who are passionate about what they do. They aren’t filling a role, their fulfilling a purpose. And that purpose is to serve others, pour their lives into other people, and watch as God does amazing things. They’ve figured out that their life is part of something bigger, something greater.


The key is they understand they are not independent. As much as we love our independence in this country, that has never meant that we get to do whatever we want whenever we want, no strings attached. This country was founded on the principles of helping other people. Men and women have given their lives to protect those freedoms. That’s a true act of service, not an act of independence.


Our volunteers, just like those public servants and personnel, understood the concept of the Butterfly Effect. That small actions can have huge consequences. They also understand that peace and contentment don’t come through possessions but through passionately serving others.


Another way you serve others is through telling them about Jesus. Just like a butterfly that picks up pollen and spreads it around, we have something that needs to be given. We have the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ. If he’s done something in you to transform you, then you have an opportunity to share it with others.


And it’s more than an opportunity. It’s a responsibility. Think of it this way. It’s like God has given you something that wasn’t just for you – it was meant to be given to others. Kind of like if you were a kid and your mom gave you some cookies to share with your brother. You get to enjoy them too, but you also have to share. If you never let your brother have a bite, you’d have to answer to mom.


We have this incredible responsibility. And every day God gives us opportunity to share it. So, this week – who are you praying for? Who are you sharing your life with? Who are you inviting to experience the same transformation you’ve been through?

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