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The Good Fight - Part 2 "Get Back In The Barn"

by Dr. Alex Himaya on Sep 26, 2017 9:33:40 AM

What’s it mean to get back in the barn? If you’ve ever watched the best movie of all time, Rocky, then you know what it means. It means to get back in training, back to what you need to do to maintain focus and keep pace. That’s what athletes do. That’s what soldiers and farmers do.


What’s one thing all these have in common? What’s one thing that every good soldier, good athlete, and good farmer have? They have habits. They have good habits.


Soldiers go through basic training, a grueling set of days that test their mettle. Then they continue that training to develop habits. They need habits so that in the heat of battle they don’t break their focus, they can be counted on.


Farmers are known as hard workers. They get up early and stay at it late into the evening. It all starts with habits. Working the rows of crops day in and day out.


And athletes are notorious for their healthy habits – from what they eat, to how they work out, to memorizing the game plan. It’s all about habits!


We all have habits. Each of us do things instinctively, good or bad. Habits control and lead our lives. Bad habits can drag us down, but good habits can help us run from temptation and run to righteousness.


We make 3,500 decisions each day. That’s a lot! But do you ever even think about it? You probably don’t because most of those decisions are automatic. You make them without even thinking about it. But you get to decide today whether those habits will be good or bad.


How do you start doing that? One way is through keystone habits. Those are habits that are very small and very simple, but set the table for all your decisions the rest of the day. Athletes have small keystone habits – like waking at the same time every day, eating at the same time every day, putting on their uniform the same way. And these little healthy habits help build bigger and better habits.


What’s a keystone habit that you can develop? How about getting into the Word of God. By setting a habit to read the Bible daily, you set yourself up for success. Or how about a keystone habit of spending time with God every day? This week I challenged all of us to read the book of 2 Timothy, memorize 2 Timothy 4:6, and spend 5 minutes in prayer each day. Those are keystone habits. And they will set the table and set you up for success.

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