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I Love My Church (Part 6) - The Presence of God Changes Everything

by Dr. Alex Himaya on Sep 11, 2017 2:00:45 PM

A quick Bible history lesson for you. You probably already know about Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. Well, once they were in the wilderness, God gave him designs and plans to build the Tabernacle, which was a large tent where He would meet with His people, where they would offer sacrifices, and where the Ark of the Covenant sat in the Holy of Holies, a physical representation of His presence with His people.


Later on, David asked permission to build a Temple, a permanent home in Jerusalem. And his son Solomon got to complete the construction. But when the Babylonians invaded, they burned it to the ground. Years later, Ezra and Nehemiah reconstructed it and by the time of Jesus it was one of the most glorious religious symbols in the world.


But when you turn the page to the New Testament, Jesus tells the people gathered there, “One day this temple will be destroyed.” What he predicted came true. But it was also symbolic. You see, as Christians we don’t need a temple. We don’t have a brick and mortar structure that we point to as the presence of God. Instead, we acknowledge that God is everywhere and at certain times in special ways He’s “right here.”


And it’s that “right here” presence of God that changes everything!


Imagine a church without the presence of God. They end up being a social experiment, not much more than a name, a nice place to visit but nothing life changing. But a church with the presence of God is world-transforming. It’s moving forward and alive and active and ready to storm the gates of Hell! That’s the type of church I love!


The presence of God is our fuel & our fire for our Mission. Did you know that God can do more in a moment than we can do in a lifetime? That’s the power of the “right here” presence of God.


God can do more in that one moment than we could do on our own. If you have something that needs changing in your life, look for a moment with God that changes you from the inside out. Look for that moment that marks you, stuns you, shatters you, remakes you, and propels you.


We don’t get to see God face to face. No one can look at him and live, the Bible tells us. But we do get to see His glory, revealed in His goodness. When we see relationships restored, bodies made whole again, prayers answered, addictions broken, and chains shook off – that’s the glory of God revealed in His great goodness! And that’s what can happen in a moment when we go all in on the presence of God.

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