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I Love My Church (Part 1) - Found People Find People

by Dr. Alex Himaya on Aug 7, 2017 7:40:05 PM

All month long we’re looking at the top reasons that I Love My Church. Do you love your church? If you do, then let us know why!


When I think about the history of theChurch.at, one thing really stands out to me. This has always been a place where people encounter Jesus. From the first day, everything we did – from renaming to rebranding, from how we set up our worship services to starting our community groups, from the local outreach to the global increase – everything was done for one reason: to tell people about Jesus!


Let me explain the why behind the what here. Of course, as the Body of Christ – the Church – Jesus is the head. That goes without saying. But fundamentally there was something that ached inside all of us in that room the first Sunday of the launch of “The Church at BattleCreek” all those years ago. We longed for a place where we could experience Jesus in a fresh way.


Many of us came from a religious background. We grew up going to church or at least visiting church. We knew about church and we knew something about religion. And that meant we knew something about God. But for many people, knowing about God got in the way of knowing God. We were tired of doing it the same old way and never, ever encountering Jesus in a real way. We needed a change. A life change!


We needed an encounter that made a difference in everything we did, every day. You can’t get that in religion. You can only get that through a relationship with a living God.


So, we went about making a place where people can find safety. They can come here from any background and feel welcomed! We made a place where people can find relationship, not religion. You can find religion just about anywhere, but religion can’t save. We made a place where people can find a home. This is where you find your place in God’s family.


Why did we do all of this? It wasn’t the result of market research. It wasn’t because we followed a strategy. It’s because we wanted to see life change. And that can only come through Jesus Christ. We know that because we’ve experienced that.


Each week, we experience life change here at theChurch.at. From the very first day, we’ve seen people’s lives transformed through the incredible power of Jesus Christ. When people walk through our doors, they find a warm environment, good friends, great worship, and hopefully an encouraging and dynamic word from God. And when they find that, Jesus finds them!


Now, here’s what’s kept us going year after year. Those people who walked through those doors and were found by Jesus – including us! – go out and find others to bring with them! When your life is changed, you want to see other lives changed.


We pray each week that you would make that happen. That you would find people in your life that need to be found by Jesus. And you would invest in their lives and invite them to come to church. Because we believe that there’s something about this place, this environment, where God is glorified and his Spirit resides, that will change lives forever.

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