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Help for Houston

by Dr. Alex Himaya on Sep 4, 2017 7:08:46 PM

It’s estimated that 9 trillion gallons of water have fallen on southeastern Texas in the last week. That number is incomprehensible to you and me. It equals 55 inches of rainfall in the Houston area, more than what they  expect to receive in a year!


That water and rain and wind have equaled one thing: devastation. Thousands of people have been displaced and millions are affected by it. Tragically, at least a dozen have lost their lives.


Men, women, and children are left without power, without roads, without running water and food. But one thing they don’t lack is hope. In the middle of this darkness, there is a light shining.


Many times I get asked, “Where is God?” when something horrible happens. Well, I just point to the many Christ followers who are leaping into action. Reports say that as many as 30,000 national guardsmen may be sent into the region to help out. There are just as many – or more! – ministers and Christian aid workers there already.


Just as often, though, I get asked, “What can we do?” And the answer is simple. You’ve already done it. Throughout the year, you the church give to our ActNow disaster relief fund. This is a special account set aside to help out immediately in the case of an emergency. When tragedy strikes, we don’t have to make a call for money to be donated. The money is already there thanks to your generous offerings.


So, what are we doing?


The Church.at Churches, through our ActNow disaster relief fund, are partnering with Church on Masters Road andGracePoint Church in the Houston area. Through this partnership we are serving displaced people as an authorized relief center. Our partners will provide bedding, pillows, food, emergency shelter, and the Hope of Jesus to the most devastated families.


Day after day, new stories are emerging of neighbors helping out, of communities banding together, of people from all over this country pulling together to help Houston. And I know you at theChruch.at are part of that! That’s just one thing I love about our church!


And the hope that you experience every day through the work we do, you can extend that hope to others. How? First of all, pray. Pray for Houston. Pray for the efforts of the relief workers. Pray for the city managers and mayor. Pray for the people who so desperately need it.


But you can also tell. Let others know about this hope you have. Maybe you have a friend who uses any natural disaster as a way to deepen their doubts. Let them know exactly where to find God in the midst of suffering and share your own story of hope.


Finally, you can give. If you’d like to participate in providing relief for those in the Houston area impacted by Hurricane Harvey, simply click the link below:




Thank you for giving to the ActNow relief fund and for being the hands and feet of Jesus to hurting people.




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