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Rise Up, part 3

Jesus is very specific in John 11:43. When he raises Lazarus from the dead he says, “Lazarus, come forth.” Preachers love to point out that if he hadn’t said “Lazarus,” then any and all the dead souls in that graveyard would have come back to life. That’s how powerful the words of Jesus are!

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Topics: Rise, calling

When Tragedy Divides

Betty Shelby killed Terence Crutcher. That is not in doubt. It is an undisputed fact.

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Topics: faith, community

Rise Up, part 2

Topics: adoption, faith, Rise

Rise Up, part 1

Topics: faith, community, Rise

Uncharted Waters, part 4

Topics: faith, uncharted waters, Abraham

Uncharted Waters, part 3: Determination Over Hesitation

Topics: faith, uncharted waters

Uncharted Waters, part 2: What the Resurrection Power Can Really Do

Topics: Easter, uncharted waters

Uncharted Waters, part 1: You've Got a Friend in God

Topics: Easter, God, uncharted waters, friend

3D, Part 3: A Powerfully Effective Prayer

Topics: faith, prayer, 3D

3D, part 2: Potential, Not Problems

Topics: 3D, stories, potential, friendships

3D, part 1: Walking with the Wolves

Topics: faith, 3D, conversation

No Pain, No Gain

Topics: faith, goodness

Psalm 23, Part 3 - Seasons Change

Topics: faith, psalm, seasons

Psalm 23, Part 2: Sometimes It Takes a Valley

Topics: faith, psalm

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