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Advance in your journey with Christ
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As part of our mission at theChurch.at, we’ve created a fantastic way to help people grow individually in Christ and together in the context of community. It’s called ADVANCE—seven steps that will help you learn more about our church and become a member of our community.

The ADVANCE strategy is only a suggested track for growth—by no means should you view these steps as a checklist for completion. Take them at your speed. Skip some. Come back to others multiple times. Study them individually or within a community group. This process is designed to take you to the next level in your relationship with Christ—whatever your next level may be.

Learning isn't linear. Advance in your journey with Christ by following these steps in any order at any time. The path is open for you to explore in whatever way you learn best. 



However it is that you’ve connected with us, whether at a Sunday morning service or a community group, we hope that you’re captivated and like what you’re seeing. We honestly believe that God has brought you here for a reason. No matter the reason, know that we are here for you. We hope that you’ll attend, enjoy your visit, and keep coming back.



Dinner with the Pastor will give you the opportunity to hear the story of our founding pastor, Dr. Alex Himaya. Alex will share stories from his past and describe the journey he took to become a Christian and a pastor. He will also walk you through the early days of theChurch.at and share his vision for how our church can impact Tulsa, America, and the world. At the end of the evening, you will have the opportunity to partner with us by becoming a member of theChurch.at.



Vision is how you find out who we are, what we’ll fight for, and what we won’t fight about. By spending some time with other people who are new to theChurch.at and have the same questions, we hope you will be captivated by the vision of where we believe God is taking us—and have a great time during the process. This is the step where, if your heart aligns with ours, you can join in what God is doing here and become a member of tC.



Abide is an environment for you to experience, discover, and learn about grace and truth. In these classes, you will learn to explore God’s grace in the context of truth and experience Jesus in a new and relevant way. Abide is a fantastic way for people to develop a belief system for the first time. It is also an excellent way for those who left the church to reconnect with and explore their beliefs.



At theChurch.at, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. We are firm believers that your occupation does not define you as a person. We believe that God has created you in such a way to uniquely impact the world—Nucleus teaches you how to make that happen. We have areas and positions that need your passions and experiences. There are spheres that only you can speak into and we are here to help you discover your core and share your passions.



One of the pillars of our community is the idea that because God has given us an unbelievable amount of “stuff” (time, money, connections, influence), we should somehow use it to be a blessing to our community, our nation, and our world. Charge is a course designed to set you on a journey toward discovering that everything you have belongs to God, comes from God, and is distributed by God. We believe that God has simply placed us in charge over the stuff he has given us.



We have a multi-generational, world-wide heartbeat. We believe that we can bring Heaven to Earth by working to combat the pains of hurt, hunger, disease, and abandonment—both around the world and at home. To do this, we go on missions, start new churches, work in orphanages, serve the underprivileged, champion adoptions, and more. Empowered is the catalyst for accomplishing this. In this course, we’ll provide you with tools necessary to realize your potential.